Bike Crash Accident Claim

When buying a motorbike you are in no doubt about the dangers of the road because everyone is sure to have told you about the countless risks bikers face. While you may be the most careful rider in the world, it can still seem like everything is out to get you - this is why bike accident claims are some of the most frequent claims made in the UK.

We all know about the butterflies you get when you think a driver is about to pull out from a junction or change lanes without looking. Whether you are thinking of your own safety or your bike’s, you should feel safe in the knowledge that you’re going to get paid for their mistakes.

Sorrymate knows about motorbikes. As bikers ourselves, we empathise with the safe motorbike riders of the UK and understand that even the safest riders have crashes. We have vast experience in all types of motorcycle accident compensation claims, and our experts will strive to do their best to get you the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Here at Sorrymate we offer a full range of services and claims for those riders that didn’t deserve to come off their bike. Get yourself one of our SMIDSY cards for an extra layer of protection on the road. All you need to do is keep your card on you and if you suffer from a crash, just call Sorrymate’s bike accident solicitors for free and we’ll do everything in our power to help sort out your motorbike accident claim as quickly as possible.