Testimonials - Motorbike Accidents

View some client testimonials from Sorrymate.com and see how we have helped our clients make successful biking accident claims. See if we can help you too.

Christopher's Case

I had my accident on April 2015, I got knocked off my motorbike on a roundabout by a driver not checking his blind spot, while changing lanes.

The driver was very apologetic on the day and even said the phrase ‘Sorry mate I didn’t see you’ but the day after he blamed me and said it was my fault that I came off. 

I heard really good things about Sorrymate from a family member and quickly moved from my insurer's solicitors to Sorrymate.  Who from day one filled me in on all the different angles I can take my claim, and kept me calm while the driver’s insurers worked out who was to blame.

After the third parties insurers finally admitted defeat, Kyle and Fergus quickly got all the info they needed to get the ball rolling and from that day kept me informed and up to date with how my claim was doing and the best way to tackle all the aspects of my accident e.g. Motorbike repairs, Motorbike gear, injuries, medication, miles etc..    

I want to say a big Thanks to Kyle, Fergus and the team,  Thank you.


Bersi's Case

My solicitor at sorrymate.com has been absolutely outstanding. Although my case took just over 2 years to come to a positive conclusion, she kept at it and helped me resolve the case to complete satisfaction. Thank you for an excellent service!

Martin's Case

A car pulled out from a side road on me, causing me and the bike to take a slide down the road. I informed my insurance and they put me in touch with a firm of solicitors, but after researching them online, I decided instead to phone the number on the Sorrymate SMIDSY card I have carried round for several years.

Sorrymate provided comprehensive advice on how to get the costs detailed, and once I had provided all the details, they set about claiming from the third party insurer.  The third party insurer, dragged their feet, didn't answer calls and generally procrastinated, but through Stephanie and Kyle's persistence and determination, the claim was paid in full.

Simon's Story

After being involved in an accident my insurance company appointed solicitors to my case, after four solicitors in three months and none of them knowing what I was going on about I contacted Sorrymate.com who I had got a card from at the NEC bike show. All of the solicitors are bikers and knew exactly what I was talking about when describing my accident and countering the rubbish from the other party, like “I must have been speeding as my bike was making a loud noise”. Sorry Mate made the whole process really easy and got me a great result at court. If I ever have another accident Sorry Mate will be the first people I will call if I need a solicitor. 

Lee's Story

After being knocked off my bike by a taxi performing an illegal U turn I wasn’t sure what to do next. I rang the number on the SMIDSY card that I was carrying and after a quick conversion I knew I was talking to the right people. I opted to use Sorrymate instead of the insurances choice because of their knowledge and easy going nature of the staff . The service I received was fast and professional from start to finish, I was kept informed throughout my claim and cannot fault their level of service, I will highly recommend Sorrymate to anybody that goes out on 2 wheels. A big thank you to the Sorrymate.com team and Stephanie Phillips.

Mark's Story:

I would like to thank you and your team for helping us through this tough time while Healing and getting our lives back on track.
Sorrymate was a name I am glad to have heard of because you have looked after all aspects of our injury claim giving us peace of mind and a light at the end of the tunnel.
Many thanks!

John W's Story:

I would like to thank Sorrymate.com, especially Stephanie Phillips, for all their hard work and professionalism in handling my case.
I was involved in a crash where a dog ran out into the road and I subsequently put a claim into my insurance company. The insurance company messed me about for months and finally told me it was not worth taking the other party on as I did not have a good chance of winning. I was then advised to claim through my own insurance for the bike repair. Frustrated with this, I contacted Stephanie at Sorrymate.com. She has handled my case throughout, keeping me informed of all developments. Today, I have agreed a settlement which I am happy with and would not hesitate in recommending Sorrymate.com to all bikers.

Dave T's Story

Sorrymate provided a hassle free conclusion to my claim, successfuly obtaining a satisfactory settlement. I would not hesitate to use this firm in the future.

Jack's Story:

My case has been professionally, patiently and efficiently handled by you... A speedy and sympathetic grasp of my problem was coupled with an encouraging and yet realistic optimism. You're doing a great job for bikers!

Neil C's Story:

I would like to say thank you for the manner and thoroughness in which Sorrymate.com have handled my claim in which the outcome has been very satisfactory, I have been kept updated throughout the proceedings which I found to be most helpful through a very trying time.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sorrymate.com to any of my friends or colleagues for any such claim they may have in the future and have been extremely satisfied with the service provided.

Once again I thank you for your excellent service!