Testimonials - Motorbike Accidents

View some client testimonials from Sorrymate.com and see how we have helped our clients make successful biking accident claims. See if we can help you too.

Dave T's Story

 Sorrymate provided a hassle free conclusion to my claim, successfuly obtaining a satisfactory settlement. I would not hesitate to use this firm in the future.

Jack's Story:

 My case has been professionally, patiently and efficiently handled by you... A speedy and sympathetic grasp of my problem was coupled with an encouraging and yet realistic optimism. You're doing a great job for bikers!

Neil C's Story:

I would like to say thank you for the manner and thoroughness in which Sorrymate.com have handled my claim in which the outcome has been very satisfactory, I have been kept updated throughout the proceedings which I found to be most helpful through a very trying time.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sorrymate.com to any of my friends or colleagues for any such claim they may have in the future and have been extremely satisfied with the service provided.

Once again I thank you for your excellent service!

Ian's Case:

I was unfortunate enough to find myself involved in a motorcycle accident at the beginning of last year. I was struck on the rear left hand side of my motorcycle by a car emerging from a side road. I thought everything would be straight forward regarding making an insurance claim against the car driver. After all it was my right of way and he had hit me so I could see no problem in establishing who was to blame for the accident. I was very surprised to find that my insurance company and the insurance company of the third party had agreed to a 50/50 split regarding blame for the accident. I contacted my insurance company to query how they came to their decision and they informed me it was their right to make this decision and it didn’t really matter if I agreed with them. I was most unhappy and decided that I needed to find someone to give me some advice regarding my rights and to get a second opinion as to who was actually at fault for the accident.

After a brief search of the internet I was lucky enough to find Sorrymate.com. I telephoned them and outlined the details of my situation. I was advised that it sounded like I had good grounds to challenge the decision made by my insurance company to settle on a 50/50 basis. After filling out a questionnaire and a few telephone calls to Sorrymate, I was advised to start court proceedings against the driver of the car that had hit me. Sorrymate did all the necessary paperwork and kept me informed via letter, e mail and telephone calls of all the progress regarding the case. After consulting his own lawyers I was pleased to be informed that the third party had in fact admitted full liability for the accident and a settlement was arranged to cover both personal injury and accident costs. I cannot thank enough the staff of SorryMateUK for their support and plain English advice in helping me to finally arrive at a satisfactory conclusion to my unfortunate accident. Without them I would not have been able to do this and I thoroughly recommend anyone involved in an accident to contact Sorrymate first, even before their insurance company because unlike my insurance company, the guys at Sorrymate worked very hard to ensure that I got treated fairly.



Simon's Case:

I highly recommend Sorrymate.com, I was contacted by [my solicitor] promptly who then handled my case for the duration with fantastic professionalism and a friendly and approachable demeanour. The case was a common London issue, that from chatting to biker friends often doesn't get resolved in the bikers favour. A pedestrian walked out without looking and in trying to avoid her I hit the back of a double parked diplomatic car! Stephanie was fantastic and managed to get the pedestrians home insurance company to accept liability for negligent behaviour.

Alexandra's Case:

I took up the opportunity to use Sorrymate's legal team when I lost all confidence in the law firm my own bike insurance company provided.

From the very first phone call to Sorrymate, [my solicitor] took up my case and as a biker herself understood the details of my accident. Being put at ease from that phone call I felt i had no need to worry about anything and that everything would be put right.

I want to thank [my solicitor] and her team, as within weeks of her taking up the case things had moved forward and completed within a couple of months. I am now looking for my new bike.
Thank you Sorrymate!


Mr Bailey's Case:

 Whilst recovering after an accident in August 2011, I had friends and family suggest I look to make a claim. I hadn't even thought about it and normally attributed claims to do "dodgy" looking adverts that are seen on TV. After some brief searching I came across Sorrymate.com - recommended by other bikers as a biker-centred legal agency. I wasn't sure how straight forward my own claim would be - for there had not been a collision (fortunately) but I had still come off worse against a car driver, who then drove off. I contacted Sorrymate.com through their website and explained the situation asking if it was actually claim-worthy and if they could help. I received a response the same day from Fergus Dalgarno, and after a quick call discussing details I decided to move forwards.

I am so glad I did.

I have never had to make a claim of any kind before so this was new terriroy for me. Sorrymate.com managed all the paperwork, instigated the claim proceedings, arranged for my injuries to be assessed by an expert local to me - and on a weekend so not to interrupt work! When there was a lack of communication from the other side, Fergus and his team knew exactly what to do - supporting my own natural uncertainties throughout. What was the outcome? A compensation payment agreed without going to court, which covered my bike damage, and ultimately which matched the valuations made by experts. All of this with zero cost to myself.

I cannot recommend the exceptional service of Fergus and Sorrymate.com any more highly to a biker, wherever in the UK, who is involved in an incident. They are professional, knowledgable, experienced, understanding, supportive, excellent communicators who make this process easy for you, and just down right brilliant!

Whilst I never wish to have another accident, nor do I wish any on another biker - should this happen don't look any further, just call Sorrymate.com and the one person who won't be "sorry" is you!

Anthony's Case:

In May 2010 on a hot, bright sunny Sunday morning I was riding my Yamaha XJ600 along the main road, a lovely bike, bright red with headlights on when a woman in Nissan Micra pulled out from a side road on the left and smashed into the side of my bike.

My bike was written off and so was I, nearly.

I sustained cracked ribs, boken collar bone, broken clavicle and major tissue and muscle loss of my lower left leg, I was rushed to A&E where I spent time in intensive care and high dependancy. I was then transfrerred to a specialist hospital where I received restorative surgery and skin grafting. I was off work for 3 months and was seeing various medical professionals for over a year after.

The great thing is I contacted Sorrymate after hearing an advert on a rock radio station, I didn't want to use my insurer's services as they happened to be the same insurance provider for the other party in my accident so I suspected a conflict of interest would occur.

The representative from Sorrymate came to my home and stayed in contact from start to finish of my insurance claim, when I was well enough to attempt a return to work I was unable to operate a manual car due to my left leg so Sorrymate got me an interim payment that allowed me to buy an automatic car, I received a further interim payment when I was struggling to pay bills due to only receiving sick pay for 3 months. I now have my compensation in full thanks to Sorrymate, I strongly recommend any rider contact them if you are involved in an accident , they work 100% for you and your recovery.

I would also like to mention that if I hadn't been wearing a very good helmet, leather jacket, reinforced trousers and proper boots and gloves I might not be writing this now!

Jane C's Case:

I would like to thank everyone at sorrymate.com for everything you did following my accident and offer a few words of recommendation to anyone considering using your service in the future.

I came off my bike as a result of the poor driving of another person, and despite there being no impact, Sorrymate.com took on the claim and with the help of their appointed solicitors we were successful and 8 months later I received my compensation for injury and loss of personal effects.

From start to finish they were very professional yet compassionate and kept me up to date with everything that was going on. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has had a non-fault accident.  Give them a call and like me you will feel at ease and comfortable that they will get the right result.

Mr Guests's case:

We were recommended to Fergus Dalgarno of Sorrymate.com in March 2002 following my husband's motorcycle accident. It was a very traumatic time for us and from the outset Mr. Dalgarno was both sensitive and responsive to our needs for representation. He was very reassuring and gave us complete confidence in his abilities to deal with Nigel’s claim for compensation. It definitely helped that Mr. Dalgarno was a biker himself and had a clear understanding of what had happened. The fact that we were not asked for any money to engage his service was a great relief to us too.

Mr. Dalgarno was most thorough in obtaining the necessary information from all sides in order for the claim to be progressed. He was successful in obtaining interim payments for us to alleviate our financial hardship and proved himself to be a skilled and determined negotiator with the other side.

At all times he was “there” for us, listening to our worries and guiding us through the lengthy and complex process step by step. He took care of everything including arranging appointments with independent medical consultants to arranging counsel when needed.

Having Mr. Dalgarno act as our solicitor in this matter was a wholly positive experience and we cannot praise his conduct highly enough. He proved himself to be pragmatic, practical, highly skilled and fully committed to providing the best service to us as clients. We benefited from his positivity and integrity and finally we could not have had better representation and would wholeheartedly recommend his services to others.