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Sophie RIP

On 11th August 2007, Rob Maltby and Sophie Lancaster were walking home in Bacup when they were assaulted by a group of thugs for being “goths”. Both were taken to hospital in a coma, but only Maltby survived.

On Sunday 14th October SorryMate.com are remembering Sophie with a charity raffle and auction at The Flying Shuttle in Bury. The proceeds will go to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, a charity set up in her name to stamp out intolerance and create mutual respect between subcultures. The charity works in conjunction with police forces and social workers to help protect young people against prejudice and acts of violence.

The Flying Shuttle opens at 12 pm and for the whole day and evening, there will be 10 bands playing, food, a raffle, tattoos and piercings and a charity auction in memory of Sophie. Among the bands playing are: Guns or Roses, Aaron Red Light Fever, Fretsaw, This Ends Tonight and many more.

SorryMate.com are donating 2 tickets to the Motorcycle Live 2012 event at the NEC, 2 SorryMate.com hoodies, £100 to cover travel costs to the event and a chance to meet TT superstar, Michael Dunlop (dates TBA).

The cost of entry is £5 which will go to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, and you can pay on the door or in advance at the flying shuttle’s website.

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