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Ezpeleta Confirms Plans to Cut Costs

Motorycle Limits

Carmelo Ezpeleta, MotoGP’s boss, has confirmed that he will be enforcing his plans to control ECU and rev limits.

Ezpeleta’s plans have been met with mixed reviews thus far and have become quite a controversy. He added that if the Honda, Yamaha and Ducati factories can propose alternative options to help cut costs, that he will compromise his decision, however warned that the Motorcycle Sport Manufacturers Association (MSMA) must do their part too.

As concerns about MotoGP’s costs have been growing, Ezpeleta has been planning changes to help the sport through the recession, despite potentially alienating Honda, Yamaha and Ducati. He told one reporter: “My philosophy is to reach a consensus and I don’t want to impose anything on anybody. This is not a war. We are more than happy to continue discussions. We think that the controlled ECU and a limit on the revs is the easiest way to reduce the costs and control performance.”

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