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Potholes Could Cost Us £10.5 Billion!

A new survey has been conducted on Britain’s roads which states that it could cost up to £10.5 billion to repair the roads across the country. Millions complain of potholes causing damage to their vehicles and, sadly, they can and do lead to accidents.

The government has given councils up and down the country over £3 billion to repair damaged road surfaces, but many think that not enough has been done.

The survey suggested that a third of drivers have suffered vehicle damage as a result of the poor road conditions. Nothern Island, Wales and London got the best score from residents taking part in the survey, and the worst areas were Scotland, Yorkshire and Humber.

If you have received any vehicle damage or had an accident due to a pothole then call SorryMate.com on 0800 6 300 301. We can help you get the compensation you deserve and help push the council to repair the roads so it doesn’t happen again!

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