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Countdown to Cookstown 2013


The first road race of the year will be taking place on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th April at Cookstown.

SorryMate.com, proud sponsors of Michael Dunlop, will be attending to show our support as he starts what is looking to be a very promising season.

At only 24, Dunlop has already won 3 TT races giving him a headstart on fellow TT star, John McGuinness who was 25 when he made his debut. McGuinness has recently stated that he does not know what to expect from Dunlop, but suggested that he is going to be a tough competitor during the races this June.

Dunlop has been training hard for Cookstown where he will be riding a Honda in the Open, Supersport and 250cc races and a Kawasaki in the Supertwins under his own MD Racing team.

The event will feature 18 races, three during Friday’s practice sessions and 15 on Saturday. Please see below for more informationa about road closures.

Practice Day: Friday 26th April 2013, Roads Close 12 Noon Re-open 9.30 pm

Race Day: Saturday 27th April 2013, Roads Close 10.00 am and Re-open 7.30 pm

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