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Motorcycle Accident Statistics Released

Motorcycle accident

It’s no surprise to most of us bikers that we’re the most vulnerable road users, but shocking new statistics have recently been released that has had many of us question why more isn’t being done.

The government have many initiatives around, including the popular “Think Bike, Think Biker” campaign, but bikers are apparently still 40 times more prone to road and traffic accidents than any other road user. Again, it isn’t surprising that it is, in fact, other road users who are primarily responsible for accidents involving bikers, and not the bikers themselves.

The majority of road users usually assume things such as filtering or overtaking are the main cause of accidents if not done safely, however these types of accidents only account for 15% of the total number. A shocking 38% of accidents are caused by Highway Code violations made by other road users, which is leading many to believe that there should be stricter measures undertaken during driving tests to avoid car accidents.

Recently a poll found that the majority of people believe that not enough training is given to new drivers about motorcyclists on the road. Current driver training is lacking specifics about how other road users may have an effect on car drivers and they, therefore, do not spend enough time looking for bikers or giving proper signals. One major example of this is when a driver changes lanes without signalling or seeing a biker who may be attempting to overtake. These types of cases are all too familiar but they can be prevented.

The most shocking statistics, however, are that in 2012 there were over 25,000 bikers injured, 585 of which were fatal cases with the most vulnerable bikers are those aged 21-25. Although motorcycle related accidents only account for 1% of the total road accidents, bikers accounted for 20% of road deaths last year.

Here at SorryMate.com, we believe more can be done to raise awareness of this vulnerability. Many bikers around the country have been supporting the campaign for more biker orientated training for new car drivers as well as helping to publicise government-backed initiatives to help keep you safe. Unfortunately, there will always be idiots on the road, so as many of you will be back on your bikes as we head into spring be cautious and ensure you’re seen.

If you want more information on road and traffic accidents and how to avoid them, or what to do in the event of an accident, SorryMate.com can provide free talks to bike clubs all around the country. For more information email paul@sorrymate.com.

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