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The Sorrymate.com App Is Coming!

Sorrymate.com will soon be launching a brand new app designed to help you in the event of an accident. Along with keeping you up to date on all the latest industry news, if you have an accident, the app will prompt you to gather the correct information, photographs and witness testimonials at the scene to support your claim. 

The accident reporter is specific to your accident type, i.e. diesel spill accidents, pothole accidents, standard collision etc. and will ensure that you gather all of the information needed to strengthen your claim and generally speed up the process of making the claim. Once you have uploaded the pictures, witness testimonials and other relevant information you can upload it to us with one simple click. Once we have your information we can contact you to discuss your claim and we will already have the information we require.


Record accident type

App allows you to record a specific accident type. Each type will then prompt you to record relevant information tailored to your accident.

Witness reports

Our app will allow you to take a photograph of any witnesses, take down their contact details and a report from them using our voice recorder. This 

information will be sent to us and we can use it as evidence and contact them if we need further information.

Record police details

You have a right to know what police report about your incident, so on our app you have the ability to record the details of officers who are at the scene and what they report. This again will be sent to us so we can corroborate it with the official report.

Call button

At any point and on all screens there will be a red phone icon which will put you straight through to us. You can call us from the scene to ask for assistance with the app, or to record information directly to us.

Receipt tracker

You can take pictures of receipts for your bike or any equipment you wear or take out with you. This helps us to claim for the full amount of your damaged equipment or bike. As soon as you buy a new bike or new equipment you can take a picture of the receipt.

Helpful safety tips

You will sent notifications whenever we publish new articles on our site which could include industry news articles or safety tips.

The app will be available to Apple and Android users in the coming weeks. Watch this space for further updates!

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