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Maxgear Race Report – 30th June

With the team doing well in recent years the 4 riders Wayne Greenhalgh, John Rigby, Adam Britton and Martyn Crawford wanted a win at the local venue. 25 laps of the 2.2 mile course meant a distance of 55 miles and the team plan was to make the breaks and get at least 1 rider in them.

In 2011 wayne and John were in a break lasting 50 miles and just narrowly missed the win, the team plan was to attack on lap 1 and try a long break. When this didn’t stick, and after many other bids to try to get a break away it became apparent that we’d need to wait until the second part of the race when riders began to tire.

With 20 laps to go a group of around 6 riders including John got a gap, 4 other riders then joined them. Wayne and Martyn then started to police the bunch and deter any chases or counter attacks. As the break achieved 1min 30secs 2 other riders attacked but we let them go , they were strong riders but with the effort required to bridge we were confident they wouldn’t have the punch in the finish. On the last lap Dave Williams of Kuota attacked and got a gap, with everyone else looking at each other John made his move with 1 mile to go and quickly caught and passed Williams. At the finish John had a comfortable 5 seconds lead to take the well earned victory.

With a great team job done the rest of the team held back on the sprint and stayed out of trouble.

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