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Changes to Claims

Much is being written in the press and on many websites about new legislation recently introduced for personal injury claims and how this will affect the innocent victim. At Sorrymate.com we would like to explain exactly what has happened and how it affects each accident victim.

It is true that since 1st April 2013 solicitors get a vastly reduced amount per claim pursued. It is true that in order to make up the difference solicitors are now allowed to claim up to 25% of the compensation they recover for the victim of a road traffic accident. This is called a success fee and many of them are charging the maximum of 25%. This obviously means that the injured party will receive less than they would have received before the changes were made. 

At Sorrymate we believe that your money is yours so where, unfortunately, we have been forced to make some changes, we maintain that we will claim no more than 15% of the compensation amount to cover our fees, making us one of the cheapest two wheel accident claims specialists. 

Fergus Dalgarno, founder and owner of Sorrymate.com said “over the coming months and maybe longer there will be many articles written about compensation claims and what everyone should and should not do. The fact remains that everyone has the right to choose their own solicitor, and here at Sorrymate we are bikers, we are solicitors, we are independent and our 15% policy beats the majority of other solicitors’ claims. It is that simple”. 

If you want to know more about how these new laws could affect you, feel free to call us on 01925 643 688 or email enquiry@sorrymate.com.

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