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Michael Dunlop Claims Another Superstock Victory

Michael Dunlop has beaten Gary Johnson to claim his third consecutive Superstock class at this year’s Metzeler Ulster Grand.

Johnson had a promising start until lap three when he ran wide, making room for the seven time TT winner, Dunlop, to overtake in his MD Racing Honda.

After having bike trouble in the first Supersport race, the 24 year old was determined to claim another victory to add to his sterling personal record so far this year.

With Sorrymate sponsored Dunlop claiming first place, second and third places went to Johnson and Bruce Anstey respectively.

Despite his win, Dunlop, who sets high standards for himself, was clearly disappointed and said: “Maybe it’s time for a bigger town for me, time to maybe jack it in for a year and get my head together.”

But with four TT wins to add to his mounting personal record and an undoubtedly superior skill for the sport, hopefully Dunlop will put Ulster behind him and continue to greater feats.

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