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Motorcycle Fatalities At A Record Low

This week brought good news for bikers and for governments employing the latest Think! campaign when statistics revealed a 9% drop in motorbike fatalities in 2012.

The Department for Transportation compiled the annual report in which there were 195,723 casualties for all road users and 1754 fatalities, 328 of which were motorcyclists.

These latest figures show a 9% decrease from 2011’s motorbike fatalities and an all time low, giving people hope that the figures may continue to fall.

The statistics also showed a 2% drop in motorcycle mileage, however this is a minute drop considering the wettest summer and coldest winter on record.

The latest Think! campaign employs the slogan “Think bike, think biker”, encouraging road users to see bikers as equal road users, to take longer to look for bikes and to show them the consideration they would expect to receive. The campaign has been welcomed among bikers and has obviously proved successful with other road users too!

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