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Sorrymate.com App: How to use it

About the app

Sorrymate.com have devised an app to help bikers and cyclists know what to do in an accident. Accidents are obviously stressful and bewildering. Sometimes you don’t know what information you need to gather, and sometimes you do but you forget in the moment.

Our app can be used during or after an accident and will prompt you to gather all the information you need to support your case and successfully make a claim. You will be prompted to enter details about the accident, gather witness information and police details and given tips and support.

At the click of a button you can then send all of this information to a specialist legal advisor at Sorrymate.com who will call you back to discuss your claim.

Why do I need to use it?

As previously mentioned, a lot of people do not know what information they need to gather or sometimes they just forget in the moment, but if you do not gather certain pieces of information, it could be the difference between making a claim and not having enough evidence to support it.

If an idiot knocks you off your bike then you deserve compensation to cover bike repairs, replacement vehicles, medical costs, loss of earnings and more, so you need to ensure you have enough information and evidence to support the claim.

Not only does this app ensure you have all the information you need to support your claim, but it speeds up the process too. Before now we would have to gather information after the accident which meant taking photographs of the scene, injuries and vehicle damage sometimes long after it’s happened. Because of this the process of making a claim was delayed until all the information was gathered and so this app means that we have all the information instantly, at the touch of a button, meaning we can get to work on your claim immediately.

When should I use it?

The app is designed to help your through an accident and so it is most useful to use immediately after the accident while you’re still at the scene since it prompts you to gather contact information about the other driver, witnesses and police officers.

The app can also be used after an accident which simply sends us your contact details so we can call to further discuss the accident.

Since our app is also a means for information we will soon have news updates and helpful articles and tips so that the app can be used for more than an accident tracker. Updates will be sent to your phone via push notifications once you download the app.

How do I use it?

There are several different features to the app designed to help you gather all the appropriate information after an accident. Although each app contains instructions on how to use it, we have devised a short explanation on how to use your Sorrymate.com app.

Once you login/sign up, the home screen of the app allows you to go to our Facebook or Twitter pages, email us or call at the touch of a button. You can check out our tips on “Preparing For The Worst”, our FAQs or the “Receipt Tracker”, a handy tool which allows you to keep pictures of receipts for your bike or any new equipment you buy.

If you have had an accident you can simply click the “Had An Accident” button and fill in your name, number and email address along with the type of accident, i.e. diesel spill, collision, pot hole etc. and then click “I’m At The Scene” or “No Longer At The Scene”.

If you are no longer at the scene then this button will automatically send your contact information to us so we can discuss your accident with you. If you are at the scene, however, you will be prompted to enter more information.

The information we recommend you gather are photographs of the scene, your bike, the other vehicle as well as pictures and contact details of witnesses, other drivers (if applicable) and any police in attendance. You can go through the sections and take pictures directly from the app or choose existing pictures from your gallery. Once you have filled in all the information you have you can click the “Submit Details” button and all of this information, including the photographs, will be sent to us. You can then press the “Clear Details” button on the top right to wipe the details from your phone and we will still have all the information. As with all main pages on this app, you can call us directly by pressing the phone icon in the top right-hand corner and you will be put through to one of our specially trained advisors.

If you would like to download the app then search ‘Sorrymate’ in the App Store or on Google Play, or scan the above QR code. If you have any further questions about the app you can email enquiry@sorrymate.com.

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