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Biker Guardian: For Added Safety and Peace of Mind

At Sorrymate.com our mantra is helping bikers get the compensation they deserve after an accident and that has been the case over the last 12 months with us looking after more bikers than ever before. Sorrymate are a group of bikers who also happen to be excellent lawyers specialising in bike claims and we know and understand what it is like to be knocked off your bike whether that results in a bit of damage and a few bruises to the serious and often life changing affects an accident can have.

One thing we have noticed this year is the large number of bikers who are unhappy with the service they get from their “insurance appointed” solicitors. Many are swapping to Sorrymate to look after them either by calling us at the start or by getting their file transferred later on. Either way, no problem, just give us a call.

But here at Sorrymate we are always looking for ways to help bikers be safer and this year we have linked up with My Tag to bring you Biker Guardian. This unique package includes:

• A helmet sticker with a unique code and an SOS number so medical services or others can get vital information and your family can be contacted and told.
• A SOS wrist band containing the same details as the helmet sticker.
• A key protector which enables keys to be reunited with their owner if lost. There is a 91% recovery rate on this.
• A wallet recovery card in case you lose your wallet. There is a high recovery rate here as well.

Our Biker Guardian service is a simple, effective method of linking you to your emergency contacts and a crisis plan in case of an emergency. As a biker, you’ll often find yourself far from home, friends and family. Biker Guardian ensures that medical professionals know who you are, know who to contact and know any important information regarding your medical history or identity.

Wearing a helmet sticker or SOS wristband means you’re never far from those you need most. Your unique codes on your helmet sticker and wristband ensure that your information is kept secure yet readily available for medical services.

For more information or to buy your pack click here.

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