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Event Competitions Have Been Drawn!

Sorrymate.com were exhibiting at two shows last week, The London Bike Show and the MCN Motorcycle Show, both at London’s Excel. At each event we held a free competition as usual to give away some great prizes! Well, we’ve counted the sweets in the jar and counted the packing peanuts in the tube and we have the results!

The London Bike Show

First, The London Bike Show was a huge success for us and gave us the opportunity to connect with cyclists and promote our message to the two wheel community. Although we have dealt with many cycling claims for many years, the cycling shows are new for us and so many of you cyclists weren’t aware that we cater for all two wheel fans! Therefore it was great to meet you all and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along to speak with us and enter the competition!

The competition we held at this show was to count the sweets in the jar and we had a huge number of people entering! No one got the exact amount correct so the winner is whoever got the closest to the exact amount. If there is more than one person we will draw the winner from a hat!

Competition: How many sweets in the jar?

Answer: 173

Prize: A £100 voucher to spend on Champion Systems cycling equipment!

MCN Motorcycle Show

Secondly, the MCN Motorcycle Show was an equally huge success for Sorrymate.com! The three day event brought in a great number of two wheel fans, many of whom knew us and came over to say hello and enter our competition! We thank all of you who came over and entered the competition, as usual we enjoyed talking to each and every one of you and discussing our passion! The competition in this case was to tell us how many foam packing peanuts were in our 1 meter tall, 9 inch diameter acrylic cylinder. We had a wide range of guesses, but only one can win! As before, if more than one person is right (or both equally close) we will draw one winner from a hat.

Competition: How many packing peanuts in the tube?

Answer: 2385

Prize: Sorrymate.com goodies and a weekend BSB pass to the round of your choice!

The winners of the competitions will be notified in the next week! Once again, thank you to all who entered and we hope you had a great time, we certainly did!

Please check our events page to see where Sorrymate.com will next be exhibiting and come along to enter our free competitions for a chance to win some more great prizes!

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