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Preparing to get back on the roads?

It’s that time of year again! The weather is warming up (slightly) and the mornings are getting brighter, so we say it’s about time to break out the bikes and hit the tarmac! If you’re a fair weather rider who puts their bike away for the winter months then this article serves as a checklist to ensure you run all the right safety checks before getting back on the road.

  1. First and foremost you should check the fuel tank to see if you have enough fuel and to check the quality of the fuel inside. If you bike has been left for a year or less then it should be okay, but have a quick look in the tank just in case. You’re looking out for gunk or residue that could block the fuel lines.
  2. Check the battery. If the battery’s dead you won’t get very far! Motorbike batteries can run down quickly, especially in cold weather, so ensure it’s charged before you set off and check that the leads aren’t corroded.
  3. Check the oil level. This is something that should be done relatively regularly anyway, but especially after a long time in storage you need to check for any leaks or any corrosion anywhere that could lead to problems.
  4. Check the oil quality. It’s a good idea to do an oil change either before or after storing your bike for a long time. If not the oil is likely to degrade when it sits for a long period of time.
  5. Check your tyres. This sounds like an obvious one but unless you store your bike on a stand to keep the weight off the wheels and suspension you may need to pump up the tyres or even replace them depending on their age and quality. As always ensure you have a good tread and no damage to the tyres.
  6. Let the bike warm up first. I know you’re excited, but let the bike warm up a little first before you start riding. She’s been sleeping for some time so let her wake up first and get her juices flowing before you get on the road properly. This will also allow time to double check anything that might need to be checked and will give you time to spot any warning signs that something might be wrong!
Remember to stay safe on the roads and take extra care if you’ve been off your bike for a long time. If you’ve been hit by an idiot on the road then call our team on 0800 6 300 301.
Ride safe!
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