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Sorrymate.com Cycle Insurance

You may have heard Sorrymate.com are going into insurance to help further protect bikers on the road. Well, we’re also launching insurance for cyclists which will include a range of policies to suit various budgets.

For eight years we have been giving cyclists free legal advice and helping them to get the compensation they deserve after an accident, but now we want to do more by providing you with specialised insurance from a company you can trust! And because we’re two wheel specialists, we know exactly how to give you a policy to suit your needs!

We still deal with accident claims though, which gives you an added benefit of not having your insurance and legal cover with two separate companies as it is with most providers.

An official launch date for our policies has not yet been announced, but we can tell you that it’s coming soon! You can still call us on 0800 6 300 301 or email us at enquiry@sorrymate.com for more information.

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