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A Message to Road Users

Motorcycle accidents are generally more likely to end in a serious injury, even though they are not considerably more likely to happen than any other kind of road accident. Motorcycle accidents are, however, most likely to be cause by other road users than the motorcyclist themselves. Here are some facts and figures for all road users to take into account and hopefully reduce the number of accidents occurring on the roads

Left hand turns

The most likely scenario is when car drivers turn left without looking. Around 42% of all accidents involving both a motorcycle and a car are caused by this and it can cause serious injury.

Not looking at junctions

According to a recent European survey, 55% of motorcycle accidents are caused at junctions, most likely by a vehicle driver not taking enough time to look for bikers. In the UK around 30 motorcyclists are killed or injured in this way every day. All of these can be avoided by road users taking more time to look at junctions.

Evasive action

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is where a rider has to swerve to avoid either another road user, a pot hole or a diesel spill. Unfortunately, pot holes and diesel spills can only be blamed on the local council who often don’t do enough to maintain the quality of roads, but the evasive action to avoid other road users can be avoided. The majority of the time this is when drivers overtake other vehicles without checking to see if there are motorcyclists behind them or currently overtaking them. Again, almost all instances of this can be avoided by taking plenty of time to check mirrors and blind spots.

Keeping your temper

Unfortunately some accidents are caused by road rage, where drivers get angry or annoyed at bikers, some times for no reason. One example of this is when a biker overtakes a vehicle, even when it is legal and safe, and the vehicle driver can get annoyed and may try to overtake or sometimes block motorcyclists from overtaking them. Sorrymate have often come across cases like these and they can be entirely avoided by keeping your temper and taking your time on the roads.
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