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Junior Race Team – Brands, Cadwell & Pembrey

The season opener was a race, or rather a non-race to forget. After struggling in practice the team qualified last on the grid.  38th out of 38.  But all was not lost. Endurance is a team event so on balance there was a good chance of making up places in our class. Fergus was the starting rider and ran across the track in the Le Mans style start, jumped on the bike and nothing. As the rest of the grid roared off down Paddock Hill bend the marshalls were frantically getting Fergus to abandon his bike against pit wall and get behind the fencing before the pack leaders came back round some 50 seconds later.  Phil did get out for a half hour stint 12 laps later but the race was over.

Cadwell could only improve and it did. Starting a couple of places up from last on the grid Fergus pulled the pin and got the team up to 20th overall and second in class by the end of the first half hour. The third place team then put out their faster rider against Phil and the team dropped to third. We stayed in third until the final stint when Best Endeavour Racing overtook us for the final podium spot. Closer than Brands and moving in the right direction.

And so to Pembrey. This year there are nine rounds and teams can choose to either race at Pembrey or Knockhill. We, along with two others in our class chose Pembrey.  Fergus took the first stint and by the end of the first half hour the team held a three lap lead over second place in class and 4 laps on the team in third. The gap was held or increased over the next 2 and a half hours despite a few excursions onto the grass and an unscheduled pit stop at the hairpin to tighten up a foot rest that was about to fall off.  Top spot. To be fair the teams lying first and second in the championship gave Pembrey a miss but you can only win against the riders in front. Bring on Anglsea on the Bank Holiday weekend.

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