Top Motorbike Security Tips

With “Stolen Bike” notices becoming more and more frequent on social media sites it’s understandable that bike owners might be wary about bike security. Although there is no way to absolutely guarantee safety, there are a few things you can do to put your mind at ease and deter thieves.

Motorbike locks

This is the simplest way to secure your bike and you can get decent locks for very reasonable prices too. The sight of the lock is also very likely to deter thieves, but ensure that you use it properly and in the most effective way.

Secure parking

This might sound obvious but sometimes simply parking your bike on your property, in your back garden, garage or somewhere out of sight will be enough to secure it. Ensure that if you do park it out of sight it’s somewhere on your property or a friend’s, not hidden in an alleyway! 

Remove equipment

Simply by removing the HT cap or spark plug you can immobilize your bike in case anyone decides to steal it, however thieves may still wheel the bike away so don’t rely solely on this method. 

Mark your bike

In the event that your bike is stolen and then found, you want police to be able to trace it back to you, the owner. A good idea to improve chances of your bike being recovered after theft is to mark your motorbike with your vehicle identification number, registration and postcode. It’s a good idea to mark all parts on your bike too as most stolen bikes get broken down into pieces that are then sold on. 

Immobilisers and alarms

Having a decent alarm or immobiliser on your bike can not only reduce the cost of your insurance but it is a visible deterrent for thieves too.
If you have any concerns about the safety of your vehicle then you can get in touch with your local dealer who can recommend the best equipment to protect it against thieves. Similarly if you see any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood and feel insecure as a result you can call your local police station on their non-emergency number, 101.
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