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What To Do When You Crash Or Fall

Around 50% of motorcycle accidents are caused by a driver not seeing a motorcyclist, whether it be at a junction, when turning, or changing lanes. This means that almost half of all motorcycle accidents can be avoided if drivers were more clued up.

The major problem with these statistics is that, as long as you are following the highway code, there isn’t a great deal that you as a biker can do to prevent an accident. Statistically bikers have around two seconds to react in the case of a collision, so it’s unlikely you can do much to avoid it, however there are some things you can do in these two seconds to help prevent serious injury.
Within these two seconds your adrenaline will kick in and you’re likely to panic, so it’s best to mentally prepare yourself for such a crash or fall by considering what you can do in the moments before it happens.
First of all, hitting the ground hard and then rolling is what usually causes broken bones, so your best option is to slide. As long as you’re wearing the correct gear this should protect your skin from the road surface. If sliding is not possible then you should attempt to roll with your body stretched out, arms above the head.
Unfortunately there is not a lot you can do to prevent serious injury, and reducing the amount of accidents altogether is up to drivers to look out for us bikers, but remember these tips and hopefully they can help you if you should need them.
Remember, that the best form of protection you have against idiots on the road is the correct gear. A good helmet and protective leathers, boots, gloves and a back protector can be the difference between life and death.
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