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Sorrymate.com Race Report – Donington

Following on from Anglesey, Donington could only be easier and with a six hour race, preparation was the key. All the bikes were prepared, the riders were ready and the pit crew were up for 6 hours on the wall. Then the weather threw a spanner in the works with a predicted wet start but drying out.

The first session saw Fergus get the team up to second in class in the pouring rain. Phil was out for the next 40 minute session followed by Karen and second in class was maintained. With a dry line appearing it was decided to put Fergus out on dry tyres. “It was like riding a computer game” was the comment when Fergus came in with the dry line being about a foot wide in places. A bit tight at 60mph plus.
Next out was Karen as she had dry tyres on but a mistake on fitting the rear wheel meant she had to come in after ten minutes. Phil was still on wets so Fergus was sent out for a third 40 minute session after a ten minute rest. 40 minutes later and out went Phil while Fergus’ bike was change from race to road shift for Karen. With all this going on the team slipped to third about three laps down on second by the end of the race. Third in class and third in the championship we head to Snetterton where Phil and Karen will do battle while Fergus suns himself in Cyprus with a well earned rest.
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