Money saving tips for bikers

Driving a motorbike is faster, cheaper and much more convenient than most modes of transport. But like many of us, we’re a sucker for a good deal, latest models or just generally fancy a new paint job, and it can drive the cost up. Sorrymate.com has compiled a list of money saving tips for enthusiastic bikers.

Sell unwanted spares

As long as the parts are in a working condition there will always be someone else who needs them. Try selling them on eBay or try Facebook for a local buy/sell group.

Buy equipment at shows or online

Equipment such as leathers, helmets, boots and add-ons are often much cheaper at trade shows. Many companies have discounted show prices, particularly on the last day of the show, so this is your best bet for getting cheaper goods. You can also shop online and compare prices from different sources before you buy.

Trade privately

Again you could use a local Facebook group to buy or sell but you could also trade parts between friends or people you know through your local bike clubs.

HPI/vehicle checks

Ensuring your bike has had a history check and complies with all the information on your insurance could save you money in the long run. If the bike turns out to be stolen then you’ll be at a loss.

Buy at the right time

Like most retailers, motorbike dealers, and sellers of spares and equipment will often have end of season sales, so November or December is usually the best time to buy.

Take it easy

We’ve all heard this one before – leave the house earlier, ride slower, and you’ll save a ton of fuel. It’s true!

Shop around for insurance

Don’t always go with the first price you find, shop around a bit, and phoning the company directly can often get you on a cheaper deal. Also remember that a company that’s cheap for your friend might not always be cheapest for you as some companies cater to different kinds of bikes or riders. Try calling 0800 6 300 301 for a Sorrymate insurance quote and see if we’re cheapest for you!

Crash bungs

Hopefully you’ll never need these, but if you do fall or crash these bungs can protect your bike from some, if not all, of the damage.

Self service

This one is pretty self-explanatory; if you know how, service your own bike regularly to save money and keep it in good condition. If you don’t know how then you can always rely on a fellow biker to give you a hand.

Get another bike

It might not sound like it would save you money but if your first bike is a sports bike or something with low MPG getting a smaller and more practical bike could save you loads on your commute. I’m sure you don’t need much persuasion to get a second bike!

Get out and ride often

Again, you probably don’t need another excuse to get out on your bike, but riding it often can help keep the engine running smoothly and stop it getting rusty which can lead to expensive repairs.

Keep it clean

Similarly, dirt and salt can corrode the metals and could result in irreparable damage.

Don’t cold start

Letting your engine warm up before you ride can help prevent damage and means your bike will last longer. Ultimately this simple tip could save you loads of cash.
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