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What to do after a Motorbike Accident

Recovering from an accident is hard enough without you worrying about damage to your bike or money you may lose from being off work. Sorrymate.com aim to take those worries away and let you focus on getting better and, more importantly, getting back on your bike, but first there are a few things you should do at the scene to give your claim a head start:

1. Call the police.

You’d be surprised how few people actually call the police when an accident has happened. Obviously when there has been a more serious accident they’re usually top of the list, but even in a more minor accident their report can come in handy for your claim. They’ll make the road safe again, note down your version of the accident and the other driver’s, and any witness accounts.

2. Take photographs.

Most mobile phones have a decent enough camera to take pictures these days. You should take pictures of your bike, the other person and their vehicle and whatever else you can. These photos can be used to prove what damage was done to your bike, prove who was involved in the incident (including any passengers of either party) and the exact location of the incident. Take as many as you can!

3. Stay calm.

As soon as it’s happened call for the police and an ambulance if necessary. The average response time in emergencies is 10-15 minutes, so until then make the vehicles involved as clear as possible to other traffic and stay out of the road. Resist any temptation to shout at or argue with the other driver (even if it was their fault!).

4. Look after witnesses.

Passersby can come in very handy, whether they’re pedestrians or drivers of passing cars. They can give us an unbiased account of what happened, so if you know the accident wasn’t your fault then ask any witnesses for their details and ask them to provide some info to the police at the scene too.

5. Get the other drivers’ details.

This is an obvious one but, as well as the name and phone number, you should take down their licence plate, make, and model of their car.

Don’t forget to download our app which will prompt you to gather all the right information at the scene of an accident!

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