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Getting the right information: Diesel Spill Claims

A lot of people don’t know they can claim for coming off on a diesel spill but you can, you just need to know what information to gather to help support your claim.

Diesel spills happen when people overfill their tanks, have a leak or keep poor vehicle maintenance, but because it’s impossible to know who put the diesel there in the first place, the claim has to be made through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. Here’s what information you need to gather at the scene where possible.

1. Date and time.

It’s unlikely you’ll forget the day you have an accident, but it’s important to note the time as well. Diesel spills get cleaned up by the council, so to avoid any contradiction about whether or not it was cleaned up you should note the exact time and possibly get a witness and report the accident to the police as well, ensuring that they also make note of the time of accident.

2. Exact location.

It’s important to be as specific as possible with this one, so make note of the exact location in the road. Is it in the middle of the lane or near the kerb? Is there anything nearby to help determine an exact location once it’s been cleared up? i.e. a phone box, bollard or easily distinguishable road marking?

3. Take photographs.

It also helps to take as many photographs of the scene as possible. As with all accidents it helps to take pictures of any injuries, damage to your bike and of course the diesel spill itself. Photographs are also a great way to help distinguish the exact location so make sure you get close ups, long shots and a range of angles to help determine where it was.

4. Council details.

Your solicitor will speak to your local council on your behalf and will get the council’s contact details for you, but in order for us to get the right information and speed your claim along it’s important we know in which borough your accident happened. If you already have the details then that could also speed up your claim.

If you’ve had an accident on a diesel spill then you could be entitled to make a claim. If you don’t have the information mentioned above then we may still be able to help you. You can call 0800 6 300 301 with the information you do have and we will call you back to let you know if you have a claim. For untraced diesel spill claims made through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, Sorrymate.com take 20% to cover solicitor fees. We hope you never have an accident, but if you do, now you’ll know what to do and we’ll be there for you!

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