Press Release: Launch of 1001 Cycle Challenge

From the day he could walk, Fergus has lived on two wheels whether that be pedal powered or petrol powered. From building his first bicycle at about 10 years old to his first motorbike at about 15 his life has revolved around anything two-wheeled. Fast track forward 25 years and as a solicitor who has ridden and been knocked off both motorbikes and pushbikes Fergus set up Sorrymate.com to look after all two-wheel users who have the almost inevitable misfortune to come into contact with something 4 wheeled. Fast track forward another 8 years and Fergus is going to cycle 1001 miles in a week to raise two wheel awareness and money for 5 Air Ambulance charities.

When asked why Fergus said “ the message here is simple, to all car, van, bus and truck drivers out there: If you hit us you hurt us so please don’t. Be aware.” As to why 1001 miles in a week the blame is put squarely on an evening in the pub where a chance conversation became a definite challenge.

The challenge starts on 21st June at Oliver’s Mount race circuit in Scarborough during the Barry Sheene Memorial Meeting. Over the next seven days, Fergus will be cycling all over the country. Along the way, he will be visiting various Air Ambulance stations and points of interest including cycling the famous Cat & Fiddle Run. That one will hurt!

Training hard currently involves running 10k 4 times a week with a couple of hours most the evenings on a cycling treadmill. The weekends are taken up with cycling on the road unless he is motorcycle racing with No Limits in their Endurance series. Fergus has support from lots of people who are doing everything from providing nutritional advice to cycling kit and cameras for the bike.

We kindly ask for the generosity of the supporters of British Cycling and British Motorcycling to give a donation to Fergus’s Challenge through our JustGiving Fundraising page:

A very big thank you from Fergus and the 1001 Cycle Team.