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Latest Race Report from Fergus and Sorrymate.com Team

Fergus and team mate Karen arrived at Snetterton ready to play. Karen was on her R6 from last year but Fergus’ bike wasn’t ready so friend, Adrian, had stepped up to lend him a GSXR600 for the weekend.

Testing was wet and slow and qualifying went downhill leaving everything to play for come race time. Starting dead last Karen had a decent start and made up a few places only to be overtaken over the next 30 minutes. Fergus then went out determined to make up places. Three laps in and a couple of places made up then the drizzle started. Psychological rain. Another couple of laps and another few places. Things were looking good until the rain came down a bit heavier and the front tyre disagreed with how much grip there was and down Fergus went at Hamilton, a fast left hander on the infield section. With the bike somewhat bent and petrol leaking from the tank the race was over after 30 minutes for Karen and 5 1/2 laps in 12 minutes for Fergus.

Fergus said afterwards “At least we got to watch the Fast Bikes / Sorrymate lads come out top in our class thought I have a phone call to make and a Sorrymate to say to Adrian”.

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