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Confident Season Start for Wigley Racing

It was a cold and wet start to the weekend. The students got to work on setting up the bike for the day’s work ahead, the tightly packed schedule was packed, this meant that as soon as the lights went green the team had to be ready for the day that lay ahead. The sound, smell and building excitement that you feel in your gut was all coming back.

For the first outing the aim was to get back into the swing of things. We warmed up the machines and collected our thoughts, this first outing back on home soil would be the most important day as after all you start as you mean to go on! As the morning progressed so did the ideas for new tactics to test. Although we were not there to race we qualified at the front of the grid meaning we had plenty of open track to practice race starts and keep at the sharp end. 

The conditions were set throughout the day with a lack of grip however apart from the odd tumble we continued to experiment with new settings and ideas, getting faster as the weekend progressed. Day 2 was equally impressive managing to get down to last year’s race pace which was set in blistering heat. This was an excellent end result for the team with the addition of a few more trophies to be added to the shelf. We met all of the targets that we set, leaving Snetterton with boosted confidence and a bag full of data for the first round. 

Rock on 2015,

Matt and Kurt

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