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Cycle Training Diary: As the Crow Flies

The trouble with training for something like this is it needs time and work and life generally don’t appreciate the fact that time is needed and simply get in the way. That said lots of work on the treadmill and out on the road every other day. As a biker who cycled to keep fit, I thought I was relatively solid on a bicycle. Not so. This is a real lesson in true fitness.

Last weekend, however, brought the chance for two solid back to back days. Having spent a lot of time around Cheshire and the surrounding Counties I had the fantastic idea of going somewhere else for a chance to put the bike in the back of the car, packed a bag and scrounged a bed with a friend in Wiltshire.

Duly prepared we worked out how to set up a Garmin. At least we thought we had. Setting off on an eighty-mile circular route that the Garmin suggests I faced more hills than Hillary – famous mountain climbing person – with every other road being called Something Hill. 40 miles in and the Garmin took me up a side road which became a dirt track which became put the bike on your shoulder and walks. Having done this I then carefully avoided every direction which said “unmade road” or “dirt track” until I reached a proper road. Taking this I cycled about half a mile until it happened again. Dirt track. I even took a photo.

I ended up doing about 8 hours with virtually no stops as there wasn’t a garage or shop on the route to refill bottles or grab some food. That is called piss poor planning and I suspect I need to learn to change the parameters on a Garmin.  

Sunday was easy. 40 miles round with no weird roads than on the treadmill watching World Superbikes.

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