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Never Getting Tyred, that is certain!

Following on from the weekend when I finished off on a tyre with about 70lbs in it as I had a puncture on the road I returned home ready for a 3 hour session Monday evening. First thing to do was get the tyre back up to 115lbs. 80lbs in and bang? No idea why so wheel off, tyre off and there was a hole in the inner tube. Checked the tyre and the wheel and popped in another tube. You do get the odd bad one. Up to about 80 lbs and bang again. Tyre off the rim and check the tube. Another hole. Time to check everything very carefully. 10 Minutes of the wheel and tyre caressing later I was certain everything was fine so in goes another tube, back on with the tyre and time to pump it up. 80lbs and bang. Off with tyre, checked the tube and a hole in the same place as the previous two. This time I had marked the tyre when I took it off so following a very careful check I could still find nothing???? Off shopping and bought a new tyre anyway. With the miles I am doing having a spare or two is a good idea.

New tyre and tube fitted. 115lbs. Everything is fine. I am sure every cyclist has been there. Could not feel a thing but there is definitely something wrong with the tyre. Probably a shard from the weekend. Either way I finally have a hard rear tyre and the other one is in the bin. I even managed to get a couple of hours on the treadmill after. If you’re looking for a new set of tyres, check out the Metzeler Sportec M7RR. 

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