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The long way round!

This weekend was the chance to get some proper miles in on the bike.

The plan was 140 on Friday ending up in Nottingham. The to and from Donnington Park on the Saturday with a bit of a diversion giving me another 50. A lift back Saturday evening  and then 110 round trip to the raven café on the Sunday where we there with a stand set up to tell everybody about the 1001 cycle. Strangely enough things did not quite go to plan.

Starting on the Friday morning at 6.30 the Garmin could not pick up the route to Donnington (leg 1) as it was too far so a quick read of a road map and off I went thinking that as I got closer the Garmin would pick up. 3 and a half hours later at a decent pace I arrived at Oulton Park. I normally do this in about an hour and 15. I suspect I was somewhat lost. I know I was in Crewe at one point and went through Nantwich but otherwise no real idea where I went. Decent pace though. Fired up the Garmin – too far still, however I remembered that Stoke was on the route. Go there and try again. Arrive in Stoke, fire up the Garmin and up comes the notice – low battery and then it switches off. Now I know my way to Donington and Nottingham on a bike so enough said, I follow that route. That meant 50 miles on the A 50 with the trucks. Though to be fair they all pulled over to give me space even though I was in the little lane to the left of the carriageway the whole way. Sun beating down from my left so a cracking case of cyclist sun tan.

Finally into Nottingham where road works sent me to Loughborough – getting lost again there, when crack. No power. Looking down the bracket holding the rear changer had snapped. Apparently designed to do this when too much strain is put through the gears. It saves the frame. Too much power after 140 miles – I wish. Anyway a call to my sister and I was duly rescued.

That gave a drive down South to borrow a spare bike from a friend so that I could train yesterday although by the time I got back I could only get out for a quick 50 miles.

Bike should be fixed tomorrow and looking at something nice for the actual cycle now……..

Getting there.

Special thanks to Mark Neate who owns No Limits who dug deep to put £500 in the pot for the Air Ambulance.

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