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1001 Cycle is back

Finally returned from Wiltshire with the spare bike only to discover that there are different cleat shapes so it was back in trainers for a couple of days and reduced work. As a biker who cycled to train for racing while I knew a bit about bicycles I did not realise how vast the range of different kit is. Now I know.

Anyway, Tuesday brought a trip up to see Pete at Buy a Bike in Charnock Richard. First thing was to get my bike fixed and this took about 10 minutes. I have my bike back. We then had a long chat about a bike for the actual cycle. I like many others believed that I should get a fancy expensive bike but Pete said no. His advice was to use the bike I have and simply put a set of really good wheels on it. Apparently good wheels make a 40 -50% difference to performance. He also advised not putting them on until about 10 days before. No need. So from thinking this was going to hurt, I am coming away with a set of wheels which Pete is donating to the cause. These are his own make wheels, Club Roost, specially designed with input from CVUK who are the top amateur cycle team in the country. They are stunningly pretty and weigh less than nothing. For anyone on a diet just eat these and you will be lighter. There is a link to Pete’s shop on the website now.

So back on the bike proper last night for a couple of hours. Good to be back in the saddle properly and as a reward for working hard I have booked myself two days at Le Mans with No Limits in July for a play.

Onwards and upwards with a 150 miles on Saturday ending up about 20 miles from Donnington. Cycle up to Donnington on the Sunday for World Superbikes and to watch the Wigleys in action for sorrymate.com racing then 20 mile s back to kip followed by 150 on the Monday. Have to watch out for 4x4s and all the rest.

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