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Cycle Training Diary: Chalk and Cheese

Wow, what a weekend.

Took the afternoon off on Friday and cracked of 120 miles. Same on Saturday. Basically all over Cheshire, Shropshire and Lancashire. Bit more sunburn added. Sunday was a half day as was Monday but another 70 miles each day. The backside is finally beginning to toughen up. Either that or I am becoming immune to pain. Apparently, certain groups of monks can train their bodies to take the pain. Maybe that’s it…. Whatever the reason it’s easier now. Sleeping like a baby every night.

All in all pretty uneventful weekend apart from a discussion with a lady in a red Golf who decided that she needed to move into my lane despite the fact that I was there. A polite discussion with her was had when I caught her at the next set of traffic lights. And a lad in a van who blared his horn and then made a point of slowing down to apologise as it was a new van and he didn’t mean to blare the horn. Chalk and cheese within a mile of each other.

Teammate sorted for Endurance racing so looks like a return at Cadwell is on the cards. Need to get some severe practice in as soon as the cycle is complete. Cycling gets you mad fit though.

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