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Sorrymate.com racing report: Battle of the Brands

This weekend we were at sunny Brands Hatch for round 7 of the season where Kurt hit the track on pace in Friday’s practice session after his test at Silverstone the previous weekend where he had some changes to make to his riding style. Towards the final stages of the session Kurt managed to set a new personal best lap time which was over a second faster than last year putting him in 15th. Matt had some adjustments made to his bike making it feel more responsive, which gave him more confidence to pick up where he left off during his last visit. Matt’s aim for the session was to get up to speed and study his markers around the circuit, whilst doing this it wasn’t long before he came across Kurt which soon dragged down his times, fuelled by their competitive nature. 

We sat down to run through our data gathered from practice looking for ways to progress and overcome any issues we had with the bikes and sections of the circuit we were struggling with. Qualifying 1 soon came around where Kurt rapidly began achieving the same times as practice before chipping away by putting into play what was discussed with the team coach Mike Dickinson before setting another personal best by a further second putting him in 15thplace again which was a step in the right direction for the team. Matt also had a strong first qualifying session smashing his personal best lap time from last year, however due to how close the championship is, this left Matt in 24th but only 0.4 of a second off Kurt. 

Saturday’s second qualifying took a negative turn for the progression Kurt had made over the weekend as although he managed to improve his times through each sector of the circuit, he didn’t manage to successfully put together a lap resulting in a loss of 10 places on the grid by 0.4 of a second leaving him in 25th position. Matt also struggled with the same issue as he improved individual sectors but failed to piece together a full lap therefore putting him in the same boat as Kurt and not improving from qualifying one. This resulted in Matt starting the race from 29th. 

Race day came around and both of the lads were confident that they could redeem some positions and have a strong race. They both had a good start going into the first few of bends together before Kurt broke away as Matt got caught up in traffic. Matt was drawn into a 4 man battle for 21st which, after the 14 lap race, he came out on top. Kurt continued to battle his way through into 18th and then had his eye set on the next competitor who had broken away during the initial stages of the race. It wasn’t long before Kurt closed the gap and successfully passed to take 17th place overall.

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