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Liz Hoskin’s Blog: First Rideout of the Year

One of our Sorrymate.com Solicitors, Liz Hoskin talks us through her experience recently on her first rideout on her Ducati Monster 600. 

At long last the 1995 Ducati Monster 600 has a snug and toasty home to settle into. It’s only taken us ten years and considerable wrangling (and expense) to get a patch of land next to our house, then build a secure store and fit it out with comfortable accessories.

So, to the first ride of the year, the weather having been totally against us with strong winds and heavy rain, literally dampening any enthusiasm. Today, though, cold but crisp and clear with dry roads, would seem rude not to take advantage. 

First, though, to check the old Monster over. Not good. Tyre pressures down after three months off-road and the indicators aren’t working  at all. There is also a worrying smell of petrol and evidence of a drip…something wrong with the carburettors perhaps?  He’s had a new tank so it shouldn’t be that.

So, after fitting new heated grips – Christmas present – decided the only way to check the fuel problem was to give it a blast! 

Well, what a lovely way to blow away the wintry cobwebs. A short blat around the town bypass, then along a blustery dual carriageway, followed by a country ramble. Tried to keep to left-hand turns only, as without indicators that’s easier to give other road users some idea of intention than right turns!

Back home, still no wiser as to the source of the fuel drip, so he’s now booked in for a check-up in a couple of weeks. Watch this space!

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