Ex Police Rider joins Sorrymate.com

We warmly welcome to the Sorrymate.com Team, Tony Carter as Motorcycle Accident Specialist. 

Tony was involved in a serious motorcycle crash many years ago whilst a serving Police motorcyclist which left him with a permanent disability. When he had his crash, there was no one to fight his corner outside of the Police service, and not understanding how the civil legal process worked or being any the wiser, he accepted a settlement that he later found was substantially below what he should have been awarded.

Much of this was down to the fact that the law firm that represented him (union appointed) had no understanding of the dynamics of motorcycling, and clearly just wanted the case settled so that they could move onto the next case.

Tony was forced to retire as a result of the injuries he sustained, but found that there were a number of people both in the legal profession who wanted someone who could explain the dynamics of motorcycling together with an explanation of how the crash occurred, and motorcyclists who themselves wanted to talk to someone who actually understood what they were talking about.

He was also one of 3 responsible for writing, setting up and running the RoSPA diploma for advanced instructors. He has been an advanced motorcycle and car examiner for RoSPA since 1982, and has run many advanced riding courses.

We look forward to having Tony on our team.

If you would like to make contact with Tony email him tony@sorrymate.com or call 01925 643 688