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Last Monday, (7th March)  I was invited to talk to members of the Burgess Hill Motorcycle Club in Haywards Heath in West Sussex. 

There was a lot of interest and many questions as I talked about the litigation process after a crash and dispelled some of the myths that are so often assumed by riders and drivers alike.

Such was the interest it was gone 11pm before I was able to depart, but very worthwhile to the point where I have been asked to return possibly later in the year and talk about the investigation process and how what I do differs from insurance and Police investigations.

I thank the members of Burgess Hill Motorcycle club for their welcome and hospitality.

If there are any people reading this who belong to a club or organisation who would like a talk, then please feel free to get in touch. 

If you would like Tony Carter to come and give a talk at your Motorcycle Club then please email tony@sorrymate.com or call 01925 643 688.

If you are interested in joining Burgess Hill Motorcycle Club or would like further information on the club’s activities please email bhdmc@burgesshillmc.com

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