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Liz Hoskin Blog: An Eventful Ducati Test Ride


Note to Self – when test-riding a brand new motorcycle, don’t drop it! 

I took my lovely 1995 Ducati Monster 600 to a dealership on the beautiful North Wales coast, for a service. The fuel leak and indicators had already been fixed by the Husband in the new man-cave (dodgy pipe connection and faulty wire connection respectively).

I had arranged for a test-ride on a Monster 821 but was greeted by the disappointing news that it had been sold. Faced with a whole massive showroom of motorcycles I then had a choice of what to take out – narrowed down to three. The Ducati Scrambler, Triumph Street Twin and Triumph Street Triple were the contenders, and I decided on the Street Triple – I am likely to replace the Monster later in the year and the Street Triple was on the short-list.

Set off along some stunning roads on the North Wales coast with very little traffic and a good opportunity to really test the machine – some dual carriageway to begin with to get used to it and then off onto some nice twisty-windy roads.

It was on one such road at a sloping T-junction that I slowed, to turn left, stopped very briefly then – BANG!  Stalled it and dropped it, heavily, to the left. Whoops! Damage to clutch lever, bar-end, alternator cover, indicators…..

A friendly cyclist who had stopped for a break at the side of the road came over and helped me to right the ‘bike, and after assessing the situation I decided to ride on (gear change slightly difficult because of the damage to the clutch lever) before returning to the dealer and facing the music. 

After paying for the damage (over £500) decided it wasn’t the ‘bike for me, anyway! After all that!

The Monster has had to stay at the dealership for two new tyres and a chain-and-sprocket, so it turned out to be a very expensive day out.

So, with a bruised thigh and knee and a battered credit card, it’s back to square one for the hunt for a new ‘bike.  Once again, watch this space…..

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