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Liz Hoskin Blog: Riding with a Spring in my Step

Another expensive weekend as we travelled again to collect the Ducati from his annual holiday by the Welsh seaside at Woods of Abergele. Rode up as pillion, on the Husband’s Triumph Thunderbird Storm, a rare occurrence these days. I do like to sit astride the Husband’s throbbing beast. I also like to slip in a double entendre. 

So, the Monster now has a new chain (shiny) and two new tyres (not shiny), and I have over £500 less in the bank. There can be no compromise on these things, though, it is an expensive hobby.

Had a really nice ride back, taking it steady because of said new tyres.  The heated grips are certainly earning their keep at this time of year, though!

I also have an issue with my new leather bib-and-brace, bought online. With hindsight, this may have been a mistake, and I won’t buy again without trying on.  The knees have padded armour but that means they are really tight. This would be fine if the ‘bike had a feet-forward cruiser style position, but mine doesn’t so they cut off the circulation to my lower legs, which is painful. 

Have had many ideas from ‘biker friends as to how I might solve the problem including an application of leather softener, stitching in a piece of fabric or an elasticated panel, but I think I might just stick to my older leather trousers and save up for some Kevlar jeans instead! Any suggestions welcome.

BUT, the most exciting thing is….first two-wheeled commute today!  It feels like the riding season is really here now.  My 30-mile, all A-road commute takes just over an hour in the car but it is a joy to be able to get through the traffic on the ‘bike.

I love Britain in the springtime!

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