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Liz Hoskin Blog: An Easter Surprise

The plan for the long weekend was to take it easy on Good Friday, stay home all day and do a bit of the dreaded “h” word (Housework, eugh). The Husband’s birthday fell on Easter Saturday this year so celebrations (and cooking, natch) were in order for then. So that just left Sunday and Monday for riding.

I checked the weather forecast, as you do.  Friday, fine. Rest of the weekend, utterly dismal. Hmmm.

Friday did indeed dawn bright and gloriously sunny. The Husband had man-‘flu. His theory is that  ‘flu affects the muscles, and makes them ache. Men have much more bulky, toned, athletic and strong muscles than women, hence they suffer more(!). He needed to stay at home in the warm to groan and snuffle. Apparently, I needed to go out, to buy lemons and honey and whisky and medication for hot toddies.

I stood at the window and pondered:- should I stay or should I go? The answer, of course, is that the Ducati needed a bit of exercise so I got the backpack and set off for the shops. We have three supermarkets in our small town. The furthest from my house is 0.6 miles. I waved the Husband goodbye and said I’d be back very soon with the ingredients to make him feel better……So, about 20 miles later I decided I really ought to turn round and head back to the supermarket!  Once you’re out it’s very difficult not to enjoy the open road and the nice weather! 

Also, I consider it a legal requirement to stop for a brew at our local lovely biker-friendly watering hole (Lynn’s Raven Café, Prees Heath – junction of A41 and A49 near Whitchurch). I had a lovely half-hour chatting to fellow bikers and enjoying a cuppa before heading back (the housework is always still waiting for me).

The Husband did seem a bit miffed that it had taken me so long to pop out for some lemons!

I’m glad I did, though, Sunday and Monday being nothing but stormy winds and hailstorms. Happy Easter!

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