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Round 1 Race – 2016 Silverstone

This weekend we were at Silverstone for the opening round of the British Superbike season and the team hit the circuit on a mission.

This weekend we were at Silverstone for the opening round of the British Superbike season and the team hit the circuit on a mission. Friday’s practice session was a great start to the event with the damp session bringing a 10th for Kurt and an 11th for Matt out of a class of 45 competitors. It was difficult to judge the weather all day which made for a challenging qualifying session in the evening. Both Kurt and Matt started the session on dry tyres despite the circuit being damp with a quarter still wet from earlier on.

They began the session within the top 10 and top 5 at times which was looking positive, however, a few laps in it began lightly raining so Kurt entered the puts for a change of tyres. This turned out to be a disadvantage as the rain stopped moments after and the circuit began to dry up rapidly which destroyed the rear tyre. Matt continued to persevere with the change of weather conditions and after having many near crashes managed to bring it home in 24th and Kurt in 20th.

The Saturday brought more unpredictable weather conditions for the second qualifying session of the weekend with the track being damp once again. The choice was made for dry tyres and the team knew it was important to secure a strong lap time early on in the session in case it began to rain as this would prevent any improvements. Matt set his fastest lap of the session during the beginning stages of qualifying and Kurt set his towards the end putting him in 18th and Kurt 21st only 0.1 of a second behind Matt.

Sunday was a bright and sunny day making a change from the build-up. Kurt faced a new challenge on race day which meant him starting from the back of the grid in 44th position despite him qualifying 21st. This is because he had technical difficulties with his clutch on the initial lap where all riders form on the grid but Kurt had to re-enter pit lane. Matt started from his position and was ready to go with the aim of a top 10 finish.

Matt had his stroke of bad luck after doing so well to battle his way up to 11th position before getting crashed into entering one of the final turns on the 4th lap by another rider ending his race in the gravel. Kurt left the grid on a mission in an attempt which seemed unrealistic. After the first lap he had made his way up to 27th position and continued to work his way through the field overtaking as many competitors as fast as he could. This was a challenge as once he reached the front of one group he then needed to close the gap between the next before gaining further positions. Kurt had a spectacular race finishing in the points with a 15th position.

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