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Liz Hoskin Blog: Fashion News!

I have a lovely new hat! Of course, it has squished bugs on it already but the drop-down sun shade has been very useful of late.

The weather here in lovely Shropshire was absolutely gorgeous – if very hot – from 27 May to 10 June and there wasn’t a day I didn’t manage to find time to get Gladstone out of his stable and off for some fun.    I bought the ‘bike on 7 May and have put 1,000 miles on the clock already.  In that time I also flew out to Italy for a week, “wildlife” watching – i.e. looking at Ducatis in their natural environment!  Lots of lovely machines especially out on the open road – the towns are just chock-a-block with scooters.  Italian law states that 14-year olds can ride, so there are scooters, mopeds and motorbikes everywhere.  The end result, though, is that car drivers are much more aware of powered two-wheelers, expect them to be there,  and give riders much more respect and space. Shame we can’t import some of that awareness over here.

Lots of social events this month, too.   Wedding in Llangollen, you say?  Well I’m not going to that in the car.  It’s no problem to shove a frock and some shoes in a backpack and find somewhere to change – the bride and groom plus many of the guests were also bikers so no difficulty getting the gear looked after, either.

Lunch with the girls?  Again, no way I was travelling on four wheels. Cool clothing in the backpack again and leathers in said friend’s car whilst we ate in the sunshine of a pub garden, just lovely. 

My exercise class is held at a venue about 0.3 miles from my home so of course I usually walk.  But on a sunny day?  I go the long way round, usually via Whittington and Ellesmere (a round trip of about 33 miles!).

Then there was the Streetfighters at Lynne’s Raven Cafe, a fabulous event in blazing sun.  Lots of really interesting ‘bikes to see and marvel over, including a friend’s Iron Horse – I’d never seen one of those before so that was a real treat. The whole event was in aid of  Shropshire Blood Bikes, an Emergency Volunteer Service transporting  life-saving medical supplies to the NHS, so a truly worthy cause.

The Husband is off to France with his boyfriends next week to visit the Normandy landings on a motorcycle tour, leaving me and Gladstone to fend for ourselves.  Many plans being made for outings – watch this space! I think I will go further than my usual routes and do a bit of exploring, weather permitting. 

I have also decided to do some advanced training and have applied to join a local Advanced Riders’ group with a view to doing a RoSPA course.  I have invested in a book on advanced riding techniques, very interesting stuff. As a novice rider I am constantly looking at ways to learn more, always trying to improve my riding.  

Even after years of riding pillion, I can’t believe how much fun and enjoyment there is to be had on the pointy end! Life is grand.

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