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Sorrymate BSB Race Report: Kurt Wigley at Thruxton

Kurt Wigley at Thruxton

SorryMaterider Kurt Wigley extended his streak of racing. Gaining points with two 14th-place finishes at Thruxton for the seventh round of the Dickies Supersport championship.

The team were at a significant disadvantage

The team arrived at the fastest circuit on the calendar. However, they were at a significant disadvantage. This was after failing to find enough time to diagnose a repair for the reduced bhp that hampered the top speed of the bike in the previous round.

Kurt experienced further issues with the bike’s handling. He found that it was sliding and bouncing around when exiting the fast sweeping corners. As a result, the SorryMate crew performed a series of suspension changes. The idea was that it would compensate for the high-speed bumpy track in a bid to improve on a 13th place finish in FP1.

The move proved to be successful

The move appeared to have paid dividends when it took Kurt just four laps in FP2 to knock 0.6 seconds off his best lap from the previous session. However, his progress came to an abrupt halt as the problems returned, leading to a lower than expected 15th position.

With qualifying scheduled for Saturday afternoon, it allowed the team more time to understand the faults of the bike. The further inspections revealed a mechanical issue with the rear shock. This meant that the crew were unable to resolve the handling issue by changing any settings/ This was a huge blow to Kurt’s chances of producing any significant improvements in lap times.

Kurt decided to remove and service the shock in preparation for qualifying. He then took another half a second off his time previous best, but due to the disruptive nature of the weekend up to that point, he was forced to settle for 15th on the grid.

Further changes were needed

Further changes were made leading up to the 10-lap sprint race. These changes had the required effect as Kurt showed a much better place. He was involved in a heated battle with five other riders for 11th position. However, his good work shifting through the field was undone on the final lap. This is when Kurt overran the chicane leading onto the home straight and slipped to 14th for the chequered flag.

Kurt was intent on putting that unforced error behind him with a solid performance in the 18-lap feature race. Despite this, it was quickly evident that the lack of straight-line speed would prove to be a problem in his pursuit of a top-10 finish.

The SorryMate rider was overtaken on the back straight each lap. This meant that he had to try to outbreak his opponents. But even more so, he had to do this while also taking care of the tyres on the abrasive Thruxton circuit.

Kurt took home the 14th position

Kurt was unable to find a rhythm. Despite continuing to be aggressive on the brakes, he missed the chicane on several occasions. This led him to another 14th position.  However, Kurt left the event with a handful of important championship points despite it being a frustrating weekend.

A plan has now been established to replace the engine ahead of the next round at Cadwell Park.

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