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67th Gold Cup at Oliver’s Mount Abandoned

Steve Henshaw International Gold Cup 2017 at Oliver's Mount

The 67th Scarborough Gold Cup at SorryMate’s partnered circuit Oliver’s Mount was unfortunately forced to be abandoned. This was after two serious incidents on Sunday.

Twelve injured in two separate accidents

Twelve people were injured after two separate incidents. These incidents involved experienced riders Jamie Coward and Daley Mathison, who both crashed through safety fencing into spectators.

We would firstly like to pass on our best wishes to all those affected. We feel it is important to give a special mention to the medical personnel, marshals and officials, local police, NHS, ambulance staff and helimeds for all their efforts in treating those involved.

Ambulances transported six people to the hospital

The first collision occurred at around 10:40 am. This happened during qualifying for the feature Steve Henshaw International Gold Cup race when Oliver’s Mount regular Coward lost control of his bike on the approach to Druries hairpin. As a result, he travelled through the fences into the crowd. Four people were affected, with air ambulances transporting two casualties to James Cook hospital Middlesbrough and Hull Royal. In addition, one was taken to Scarborough via land ambulance, with one walking wounded.

Racing recommenced and two contests were completed before a second incident took place during the Junior B race in the early afternoon when Mathison, who is a contender for victories at every meeting at England’s only road race track, suffered a front brake failure at the same corner and was forced to jump off the bike.

A further six casualties occurred

A similar outcome materialised later on. This time with six casualties; one taken to James Cook via air ambulance, two being able to walk away from the incident and the remainder transported to Scarborough. The meeting was then cancelled due to the severity of the incidents and the medical resources being stretched.

Prior incidents had occured on the previous Saturday

The events happened a day after a serious accident for AJB Racing rider Brad Vicars. He suffered a severe leg injury after a crash on Saturday and is now on the mend in hospital. The Steve Henshaw International Gold Cup had otherwise run smoothly on Saturday. It was dominated by a usual suspect as Spring Cup and Cock O’The North Champion. Dean Harrison proved once again he is a cut above the rest with four wins out of four He additionally beat his own lap record.

Lee Crawford and Ian Lougher both claimed two victories. There were also first-place finishes for Daniel Frear, Ivan Lintin, Stephen Parsons and Barry Evans.

Motorbike racing is not without its inherent risks

Racing became a secondary factor on the day as the inherent risks of the sport were highlighted. We wish everyone affected a speedy recovery. Furthermore, we would like to emphasise the good work that the emergency services did in treating the injured.

Here at SorryMate, we know more than any other solicitors that motorbike Crashes and accidents can just happen. It’s even happened to our Fergus. If you’re involved in an accident on the road, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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