Wrexham police use DNA spray to help fight motorcycle crime


Illegal off-road bikers are causing issues for the citizens of Wrexham. It’s not the first time such news has hit the headlines. Just over two months ago, it was reported that police had finally developed new ramming tactics to take out bike criminals.

A trial of DNA tagging has commenced in Wrexham

This week Wrexham police have decided to try and fight bike crime with a softer approach. Using a DNA ‘tagging spray’ which can not be removed, it allows the police to identify criminals quickly.

Officers will be able to use invisible dye to mark bikes, clothes and skin. The genetic material in each canister has a unique code contained within it. This code will help identify arrested individuals as well as any motorcycles recovered.

The scheme will be expanded to the whole of North Wales

At the moment, the system is being trialled within Wrexham. However, if the DNA spray is proven to see success, it’s possible that it will be rolled out across North Wales. It is hoped that the new scheme will dramatically reduce motorcycle crime. It has proven to be hugely successful when implemented by the Metropolitan Police in their fight against moped crime. However, officers will need to receive proper training to use the spray.

The DNA spray came about as a result of continuous complaints made by illegal bikes in the Caia Park area of the town.

The spray is permanent and can not be removed

The North West Police have stated that the spray is a water-based product. This means it will not cause any harm or irritation to individuals sprayed with it.

However, the product is permanent and cannot be scrubbed off. It is visible by UV light.

“Even a drop of DNA spray will mark riders and their bikes for a long time,” said Sgt Simon Williams, of the Neighbourhood Policing Team. “This tactic will undoubtedly lead to seizures and prosecutions.”

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