MotoE Fire: The show must go on


MotoE testing for series has been suspended after a fire caused “major damages and losses“.

Devastating fire hits the Jerez circuit

The MotoE championship is due to kick off at Jerez at the start of May. However, that could come to an end thanks to a catastrophic fire last night at the circuit.

The fire broke out in a temporary garage unit. The source of the light at this moment in time is thought to be down to new Energica Ego bikes electric motorcycles. The electric bikes were at the circuit for their second full test before the MotoE competition. The initial report of the fire suggests that the fire has consumed all 18 of the brand new machines.

A race against time

The first European MotoGP race of the season was set to at the Spanish circuit in May. Following this, the season would continue for another four circuits. These included the Le Mans, Sachsenring, the Red Bull Ring and Misano circuit. The bosses are now in a race against time to attempt to resurrect the infrastructure to get the season started.

Unfortunately for riders, the electric motorcycles weren’t the only thing lost in the blaze. All equipment based on the same structure was also destroyed. This included all championship materials, tools, laptops and equipment belonging to the riders. Despite this, luckily no persons were reported as injured.

The race was due to start in six weeks

The season was scheduled to begin in a mere six weeks. According to a statement released by MotoGP bosses, the event has been post-phoned indefinitely. An investigation is underway to establish the exact cause of the fire as at this point, and it is mostly speculation.

However, one thing is for sure. The opener for the season is now cancelled. Officials have stated that changes to the calendar are currently being considered.

Technology advancements bring risk

The FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup is a competition that is one of a kind. The event is powered by 100% renewable and sustainable energy. However, as with all technology advancements, there is always risk involved. This scenario merely highlights that reality once more.

Dorna Sports has stated that they are committed to getting the event up and running as soon as possible. However, for the time being, the race will not be held at the Spanish circuit.

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