Biker ambushed by helmet-wearing gang

Humberside Police

A biker delivery driver was ambushed by a helmet-wearing gang in motorbike snatch.

Humberside Police were called to a daylight ambush on the 5th May 2019 at 16.20, when a delivery driver had his black Taiwan Goldenbee motorcycle stolen. The gang were wearing bright coloured crash helmets. In addition, they were wearing high-vis vests when the theft occurred.

The biker was attacked at a cash machine

The innocent motorcyclist stopped at a local cashpoint to withdraw some money when the two men approached him.  They quickly overpowered the man and made off with this bike.

Humberside Police are still looking for anyone that may have any information on the incident that may lead to the criminals being caught. A 15-year old was arrested in connection with the theft. However, he has now been released pending further enquiries.

So what are police doing to crack down on the rise of thefts widespread across the UK?

Humberside police gave a public statement

Sergeant Derek Hussain of Humberside police said: “As well as the four we arrested yesterday, we also seized a motorbike and dealt with another 14-year-old boy who had breached his curfew – and we’re not going to stop there.

“We have patrols looking out for bikes we suspect have been stolen and for people who are riding dangerously or illegally.”

“Your support and information are also vital, and we have officers out there continually speaking to people about their concerns and putting together the information we need to carry out successful warrants.”

Humberside Police are setting a good example to other forces

SorryMate hopes that more police across the UK will follow the example that Humberside police are setting. We hope that all forces will continue to work hard against the rising number of motorcycle thefts.

With summer fast approaching, and the number of bikes on the road increasing, theft will inevitably rise. Thieves are now becoming more brazen. Bikers should make sure that extra precautions are taken when parking up as well as storing your bikes; even in broad daylight!

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