Data reveals bikers who are the most likely to have a motorcycle accident


Motorcycle accident statistics

Recently released statistics in 2019 show that motorcycle crashes and accidents have reduced by 5 %. Although this is excellent news for bikers everywhere, it is still important to remember that bikers still remain the most vulnerable road users in the UK.

The safety of bikers everywhere is paramount to SorryMate

Since 2016, the number of accidents involving bikers has reduced by 5%. When taking into consideration the number of motorcyclists on the road it’s clear that this is a significant decrease in accidents.

However, despite this decrease, it is essential to note that one in three accidents are either severe or fatal. It has become clear that both bikers and other road users must take more caution when making a journey.

Who is most likely to be involved in a motorcycle accident?

  • 92% of crash victims are male
  • 37% of bikers were aged 25 and under
  • Sunday is the day when most fatal crashes occur
  • 83% of accidents took place in excellent weather conditions
  • 58% of all accidents claims occur on 50-125cc motorcycles
  • The most dangerous place to ride a motorcycle

Nine of the ten most dangerous roads in the UK are located in London.

So, if you are lucky enough to live outside the capital, you are already in the lower percentage of bikers most likely to have a crash.

However, the UK has plenty of other roads that are also known to catch out even the most experienced riders.

The most dangerous roads for bikers are

  • Scotland A82
  • North West A57
  • North East A194
  • West Midlands A4040
  • Yorkshire Humber A62
  • South East A259

Looking at current motorcycle statistics, it is apparent that most accidents occur on A-roads.

But why? The obvious answer would be to say that it is due to the higher speed limits and denser traffic. But, are bikers and car drivers given sufficient training to be able to deal with roads like this? Are the streets adequately maintained? Or is there other reasons to be considered?

Something has to be done to combat the fatality rate, whether it be more training for road users or efficient maintenance of the road surfaces. With the British summertime (a week of sunshine) ahead of us, we hope that everyone will be able to enjoy the weather and most importantly, stay safe!

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, don’t hesitate to contact SorryMate for free legal advice. SorryMate is a dedicated firm who focus on getting bikers the compensation they deserve.

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