12 Reasons To Ride A Motorcycle

Why you should ride a bike

While many people could think of a million and one reasons not to ride, we thought we would give you twelve good reasons to jump on a bike and head for the hills. Even with motorcycles costing a fraction of the price to run, only a small percentage of the population are taking advantage of the benefits.

1- They save you money… to spend on more bike related things, of course!

As mentioned above, bikes cost substantially less to run than their four-wheeled opponents. Whether it be insurance, fuel, tyres, or general upkeep- bikes are cheaper! In general, any bike will be less expensive than a car, but in particular, the Suzuki sv650 and Yamaha MT-07 are right at the top when it comes to value for your money.

2- You’ll gain an instant biker family

When you’re a biker, you’re never alone. While this may sound a bit cliche and you’ve probably heard it many times before, but bikers are family. If you see a rider at the side of the road, you can bet they will be surrounded by others willing to help and get a fellow biker back on “his” way. The general misconception about bikers is that we are all tough and mean. Bikers are some of the most helpful people you will ever meet.

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3- The adrenaline rush is like no other

If you’re after a bit of speed, then motorcycling is the way of life to choose. Let’s be honest; if you wanted to get a car that is as capable as a bike, you would easily be looking at a five-figure number if not more. To achieve excellent performance on a bike, you can spend £2000 on an older sports bike that is still able to beat ninety per cent of road cars. It’s a no-brainer.

4- The ability to switch off and disconnect

In a world that is hyper-connected, it is sometimes difficult to distance yourself from things and have a bit of “me time”. Motorcycling can give you the much needed time away from technology and the gripes of life in general. Even a 10-minute ride to the shop can give you a little time to clear your head and put you back into your happy place. You can go out alone and meet new friends or go out with friends and meet more. Nothing cheers you up like a bimble out with awesome people.

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5- Save time during your commute

Is there anything more annoying than sitting in your car in a line of traffic and glancing across to see a biker filtering through the middle? I don’t think there is, so why sit and wait in traffic? Join the rising number of people riding to and from work. This reduces the amount of cars on the road, therefore, making it better for the environment too!

6- It burns calories!

Now, we’re not suggesting that bimbling along the road on your bike is the equivalent of running a marathon, but it does burn some calories. When you think about it, while in the car, you are sat still possibly munching on a chocolate bar or sipping a cup of coffee. When out on your bike, you have to focus on body positioning, holding up potentially more than 200 kg sat at traffic lights, and leaning said 200kg machine into some pretty sharp bends. Motorcycling is an all over body workout.

7- Helps you avoid the repetition of a mundane routine

Your morning commute can be tedious; it can make you tired of the day before it has even started. Why not turn a boring commute into the highlight of your day? Wake up, get dressed and go for a ride. Finish a rubbish day at work, suit up and go out for a ride — what a way to start and end an otherwise dull day.

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8- You’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint

Motorcycles have less of an impact on the world compared to cars. Not only do they cause less wear and tear on the road, but they also give off fewer emissions, don’t contribute to congestion, help conserve fuel, free up more parking, and ultimately require less raw materials to be produced. That is without mentioning the tidal wave of electric motorcycles flooding onto the market.

9- It helps to develop your mind

There is no greater feeling than coming across an issue with your bike and being able to pinpoint the problem and fix it! The relationship between rider and bike is more intense than the ones between cars and their owners, so bikers tend to be more motivated to learn what makes the bike tick, and how to keep it ticking. Whether it just be the general maintenance of their bike or being able to strip and rebuild an engine, bikers are in a league of their own when it comes to mechanics.

10- Biking has become accessible for everyone

For many years, ‘beginner’ bikes were few and far between. Many people found it challenging to find the perfect bike for them to begin on, but how times have changed! The big names in the industry have released loads of smaller displacement engines to suit all riders and experience levels. Nowadays, you can walk into a showroom and ride out on a brand new beautiful stock motorcycle that will suit the preferences of any rider.

12 reasons bikers

11- Bike gear looks and feels awesome

The typical mental image created by saying a biker is a man in his leathers, perhaps ill-fitting. However, there are now styles of gear to suit anyone and any purpose, whether it be a day down the tracks or a day at the pub. From custom made one piece to shelf brought kevlar jeans, there is gear for everyone. So, if it was a heavy leather suit putting you off biking, quit making excuses and find your new mode of transport.

12- Bikers are changing the world, one fundraiser at a time

Bikers do not just go around on their bikes or head to the pub. Many bikers and biker associations complete various fundraisers and events to raise money for charity. Annual toy runs, for example, bringing gifts to those less fortunate and bringing a smile along with them too. There is so many bikers get up to that assists others, why wait to become a part of it?

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