SorryMate Biker joins Normandy 75th Anniversary Tour


The 75th anniversary of D-Day

In 1944 France was an occupied country. Hitler and his forces had made their way steadily through Europe by the early 1940s. His intention, of course, was to cross the channel to England.

The Allied Forces made the biggest invasion in history on 6 June 1944, attacking en masse to take the occupying forces by storm. Made up of US, Canadian and British forces from land, sea and air, 160,000 personnel landed and began to dismantle the German war machine.

The Brits landed at Gold and Sword beaches, the Canadians at Juno beach and the US forces at Utah and Omaha, all on the Normandy coast.

6 June 2019 will see the 75th anniversary of this truly significant historical event.

SorryMate’s Solicitor Liz Hoskin will partake in the anniversary celebrations

One of SorryMate’s solicitors, Liz Hoskin, will be riding through Normandy to take part in the anniversary celebrations and to visit some of the remarkable sights and museums along the way, and staying at a campsite on Utah beach itself.

There are reminders of German occupation throughout the area, from concrete bunkers with bullet pockmarks to mass graveyards, poignant reminders of those many who lost their lives in the conflict.

Liz will be riding with Bike Tours for the Wounded, a not-for-profit organisation which enables wounded, sick and injured service personnel and veterans to ride pillion to take part in the anniversary and to visit the sights. This year they will also be joined by some U.S. veterans for the first time.

Please click here for more information about Bike Tours for the Wounded. To find out more information about the D-Day Normandy Challenge, please click here. For more updates and news on our charity work, click here.

An update and photographs will follow after Liz returns from her trip!

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